Different types of travelling


Different types of travelling

Travelling can be fun or stressful depending on where you go. There are even people who travel exclusively for their job – they might live for weeks at a time in new places. How much should you budget for travelling? Travelling solo isn’t always easy. There are times when it’s not safe. This means that you should be prepared and have some strategies for safety, whether you’re going abroad or domestically. The last thing you want is to get into trouble because you didn’t prepare well enough. Let’s see below different kinds of travellers.

Solo Female Traveller

These folks don’t plan to meet any friends while they are away from home. As such, this kind of traveller is more concerned about how she appears to the world than how she feels inside. A lot depends on what you do with your free time (that is if there is any). It seems like every day should just be filled up with work and sleep. That does not mean that you cannot make yourself happy or have a good time. You just need to bring yourself along too!

Couple Travellers

People who decide to travel together may enjoy the company of each other. But if one person doesn’t like staying alone, then they may feel uncomfortable or threatened by solitude. In many cases, these people will feel better if they take turns being responsible for making decisions. If you both have similar interests, then the trip becomes a lot easier. On the other hand, the decision-making process that takes place separately is also okay as long as both parties agree.

Group Traveler

For group travellers, things become more complicated once you include logistics. They must consider how much money to spend, the number of people who will accompany them, and who is paying for everything. Once decided, they should try to coordinate schedules to avoid overloading themselves. To ensure everyone has access to all sorts of necessities, they may also need to make sure that everyone gets paid the right amount of money for everything.

Tourist Travelers These folks just come to visit a country. They may stay for a few days or several months. They will probably know only basic information about the culture and traditions in the destination. Their priority is to sample all that the city has to offer and learn as much as possible. When visiting a foreign country, most tourists prefer to engage with local people rather than interact directly with its citizens. However, some love meeting locals and would rather talk to them face to face.

Expat Traveler

This kind of traveller comes to another country to settle permanently. He or she may choose to stay for a year or two and possibly build a life here. Most expatriates will return home after years if they did not find their dream jobs. Others who settle down could remain for decades if they found what they were looking for. Regardless, the experience gained over years is worth more than a quick vacation and this is why ex-pats are likely to keep moving around.

Backpacker Travelers

If you haven’t heard of backpackers, then let us tell you that they are often young travellers. Some of them will travel constantly and without planning stops until they run out of cash. Because they are usually more independent, they tend to explore a new place alone. They are more relaxed and comfortable walking around without having someone rely on them. In conclusion, there are many reasons why we travel. Each of them brings a certain feeling of satisfaction and excitement. And since our travelling experiences differ, we need to note that no matter where we go, there are always ways to make ourselves happy. Just remember these six types of travelling personalities and you will surely know what makes you tick!

Motorcycle Touring

Similar to bike touring, motorcycle touring is a form of long-distance cycling. However, unlike bike tours, motorcycle tours often incorporate driving on secondary roads.


Although sometimes confused with outdoor adventuring, hiking generally refers to leisurely walks that are shorter than bike tours. Longer hikes are referred to as treks. As previously mentioned, hiking gives you the benefit of seeing nature while staying indoors. There are different types of hiking. Casual hikers focus on scenic views, while challenging hikers try to reach summit peaks or go through wilderness areas. In conclusion, there are many ways you can travel, but you needn’t spend a lot of money to do so. By sticking to some basic guidelines when choosing a travel destination, you can easily find cheap flights and accommodation. After all, where you stay affects what you see, so keep this concept in mind!

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